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About Us

Our Organization's Structure

Our organization actually consists of two separate registered corporations, the Thibodaux Amateur Radio Club (TARC) and Bayou Region Amateur Radio Society (BRARS).

While the two clubs are separate legal entities, we are staffed by the same Officers, Board of Directors, and members. BRARS is the 501c3 fundraising arm of the umbrella organization, TARC, and both clubs follow the same set of by-laws.

A century of service

W5YL is the current FCC Amateur Radio ‘call sign’ of the Thibodaux Amateur Radio Club. We are one of the oldest Amateur ‘Ham’ Radio clubs in Louisiana, dating back to 1921 at Thibodaux High School with our original call sign, 5YL. Technology has drastically changed since then, yet the pioneer spirit of amateur radio enthusiasts lives on to this day.




President: George Tippett
Callsign : WB5PKK
License:  Extra Class

Vice President: Don Bardwell
Callsign: WA5PRI
License: Extra Class

Secretary: Martin Wade
Callsign: N5PZJ
License: Extra Class

Treasurer: Francis Boudreaux
Callsign: WD5CFM
License: Extra Class

Public Relations/Activities Officer: John Hartley
Callsign: KB7ZMD
License: Extra Class

Radio Officer, Trustee: Mike Robichaux
Callsign: KC5OKP
License: Extra Class

At-Large Board of Directors

Member #1: Bob Strada, KF5NSM

Member#2: Tony Whitney, KG5FVG

Member#3: Dan Vandervort, AD5NW

Ham of the Year Award Winners

1983- Jim Verret, K5JKR (SK) (Memories of Jim)

1984- Billie Reynolds, KK5T (SK)

1985- Allen Blanchard, WB5LFX (SK)

1986- Buddy Whitney, KA5GZB

1987- Don Bardwell, WA5PRI

1988- Johnnie Bourg, K5CRF(SK)

1989- Duanne Musgrave, WB5CWI

1990- Nick Prosperie, WB5VSN

1991- Debbie Verret, KB5DUW(SK)

1992- Bobby Folse, WB5IWT(SK)

1993- Francis Andras, K5HFE(SK)

1994- Evelyn Whitney, KA5YGB

1995- Wade Levron, WA5LIS(SK)

1996- Robert Dusse, KB5UOO(SK)

1997- James Moore, KC5AVP(SK)

1998- Wade Hebert, KC5LDZ

1999- Raymond Tassin, N5THI(SK)

2000- Carl Eyman, KD5KS(SK)

2001- Raymond Tassin, N5THI(SK)

2002- Sylvia Grabert, KD5KWQ

2003- Wade Levron, WA5LIS(SK)

2004- John Welch, KD5WDY

2005- Francis Andras, K5HFE(SK)

2006- James Fulks, KC5TXB(SK)

2007- John Welch, AD5YP

2008 thru 2012- NO AWARDS

2013- Martin Wade, N5PZJ

2014- George Tippett, WB5PKK

2015- Dallas Istre, KC5DI

2016- Francis Boudreaux, WD5CFM

2017- Richard Barrett, N5OEQ

2018- Jimmy Theriot, KG5JIM

2019 – John Hartley, KB7ZMD

2020 – No award due to COVID-19

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