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First Quarter 2021 Update, Thibodaux Amateur Radio Club

 The first quarter of 2021 was both difficult and uplifting.

During Q1 2021, we experienced technical difficulties with the APRS data communications from both the Gray (147.390+) and Theriot (147.300+) Louisiana repeater sites. On top of that, we experienced failure of, and facilitated prompt repair of, the air conditioning infrastructure at the Theriot site (147.300+). Both have been since rectified with the good work of our Repeater Crew and our commercial partners at both repeater locations!

The Theriot repeater has been creating interesting situations requiring much attention

Currently, the encouraging prognosis of the COVID pandemic together with the feverish level of COVID vaccines provides the club the confidence to promote a long awaited opportunity to break bread together as a group at the restaurant of our choice! We are having a Dinner Meeting in March 2021! See the calendar at

We have been meeting and providing FCC testing at the Terrebonne Parish Library North Branch in Gray, LA for the past two months, and we hope this trend will continue. It is always great to meet together! 

During the worst of the pandemic, we have met together “on the air” with net meetings every Monday. So, we are happy to be hams and continue to pray that we are on a recovery upswing!

Stay safe!


George, WB5PKK, President

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