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Christmas 2020 Update


During the past 5 months, we have spent considerable time repairing the 147.300+ repeater in Theriot, LA. Between a broken RF Power amplifier and a fussy Wires-X node, the site has proven a challenge for the W5YL Repeater Team. Currently, the repeater is down with a transmitter lock-up problem that we expect to have fixed in a week, God willing and the creek don’t rise.

We met as a club in person for our General Business Meetings January through March, then October through December. During the other months, the club either met on-air on the 147.390+ repeater in Gray, LA, or on the internet via ZOOM.

We cancelled the in-person ARRL Field Day gathering scheduled at the Coteau Fire Station in June. However, we were able to participate as a club by allowing our members to operate separately at their home, sending their results to the ARRL who compiled the points together on behalf of our club. We scored 2,526 points.

The club also had to cancel the Christmas Party due to COVID. In its place, the club hosted a SANTA NET on 147.390+ with the help of WB5PDZ (Santa) and KG5BNH (his helper).  We had a wonderful time watching and listening to the kids make their requests known to The Man.

Merry Christmas to ALL…

Also, we also hosted more FCC testing sessions apart from the library in the outdoors in Thibodaux under COVID controlled conditions.

We are hoping the COVID vaccine allows us the opportunity to meet again without all these restrictions next year.

Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas, and a prosperous, happy, and healthy New Year!


De WB5PKK, George

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