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444.500 is back ON AIR!

Our 440 repeater is back on the air after being down for quite some time.

The frequency is 444.500 (+5MHz) with no tone currently in place.

The antenna only has an elevation of 40 feet, so coverage is limited until we finalize the permanent home for the repeater. The antenna is a dual band Tram model 1480 Omni-directional antenna with a published 8db gain on the 440 MHz band.

The current location of the repeater is in Houma, Louisiana, in the Bayou Cane area, near the intersection of Coteau Road and Bayou Gardens Boulevard. Coverage is estimated at 10 miles radius if you’re not surrounded by trees, or a 5 mile radius if your in the trees.

The actual output power is 14 watts. Antenna SWR is 1.7:1.

The repeater is a Yaesu DR-1X System Fusion. We have it set to work both Digital and Analog FM. In other words, with the settings at Auto-In, Auto-Out, the repeater will operate in either analog or digital mode automatically.

“Analog-Only” radios cannot understand digital signals. So, if you have an analog-only radio and hear terrible noises coming from the repeater, that is probably two or more hams using the repeater in digital mode.

Most hams have analog radios in this area, so feel free to use it in analog mode anytime. Simply transmit your analog signal in, and other analog radios can copy.

Unfortunately D-Star and DMR digital radios cannot communicate with a Yaesu System Fusion digital repeater.

The duplexer is an extra small mobile type, Phelps Dodge Model # 633A-2. We will be installing a much better full size duplexer which was donated to the club in 2015 once it is tuned for our frequencies.

Note: The estimated coverage extends by an additional 2 miles in our current set up while communicating in digital mode. This digital advantage will likely be greater once the antenna is relocated to a higher elevation at it’s permanent home.

73, de WB5PKK

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