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4th Quarter 2019 Update

The Fourth Quarter of 2019 is shaping up to be a busy time of year.

Not only do we nominate and elect officers for the upcoming year this quarter, we also vote on Ham of the Year Award and host our annual Christmas Party.

And, this quarter (October) we also finally installed the much awaited 147.330+ (CTCSS 114.8) at its new location at Chabert Hospital in east Houma, LA near the Houma Airbase. A DB-224E antenna was installed at roughly 100 feet HAAT atop a Rohn-25G tower on the roof of the building.  Utilizing new 1/2″ Rosenberger heliax and fittings, a previously unused Yaesu DR-1X System Fusion repeater was installed by our motley crew.

A Job Well Done and Thanks go to all who participated!!

This repeater is operating strictly in the analog mode, giving us additional coverage for both daily and emergency amateur radio use.

The DR-1X is housed in a breathable cabinet on the top floor of Chabert Hospital

Also in October we received a request from the owners of the tower hosting our Gray repeater, 147.390+ (CTCSS 114.8), to install our own electrical service at the site and begin paying our own utility fees directly with the electric company.

Within 3 weeks, we secured the permit, installed the hardware, and facilitated the power company hook-up to begin using our own power. Once again, many Thanks to All who contributed to the cause!!

The electrical crew did a great job installing the meter pan and associated breaker boxes at the Gray Repeater

As always, we enjoy the company of fellow Hams and their family and loved oved ones, as well as the great food, at our monthly Dinner Socials in Houma and Thibodaux!!

One of many pics at November 2019 Dinner Social at Ground Pati in Houma, LA

Join us for our annual Christmas Party on December 16th at 6:30PM at Plantation Inn on Martin Luther King Blvd by the Vanderbilt High Baseball Diamond in Houma, LA!!

From me and my family to all who read these words:
Best Holiday Wishes for Thanksgiving and Christmas to you and yours!!!

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