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Move into new building at Theriot, LA planned

OLD building at 147.300 repeater site in Theriot, Louisiana
New building at 147.300 repeater site in Theriot, Louisiana

We have been given permission to move into a new building at the 147.300 repeater site in Theriot, LA by tower owners, K2 Towers.

The new building is rated for a Category 5 hurricane. It is concrete verses our old building which is wooden. It is elevated on steel pilings at 15 feet as opposed to 8 foot high wooden pilings on the old building. It has commercial grade air conditioning and heat, as opposed to the window air conditioner in the old building. The new air conditioner/heater has an installed spare as well. We have access to emergency generator power in the new building, whereas in the old building we have only battery back-up. The grounding system is state of the art, the staircase is galvanized steel grating, and the list of benefits continues on.

We hope to move into this new facility, which is next door to the existing one, within the next month or so pending making arrangements for the proper manlift equipment to facilitate a safe move of the heliax onto the new ice bridge.

Our meetings are on the first Monday of the month at 19:15 hours central at the North Branch of the Terrebonne Parish Library in Gray, LA.

Check us out on Facebook and Twitter for up to the minute news on our club.


George, WB5PKK

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  1. The move was completed today. Thanks go to Bob Strada (KF5NSM), Jim Deano (KF5WJD), Jimmy Theriot (KG5JIM) and his two grandsons, Richard Barrett (N5OEQ), and Mike Robichaux (KC5OKP) for doing a wonderful job getting it done in one afternoon!

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