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Repeater Update, Fall 2015

Moving equipment onto 147.390 site in Gray, LA in Fall 2014

The past twelve months have been a busy time for the repeater crew for the Thibodaux Amateur Radio Club.

Last Fall we installed the new 147.390 repeater in Gray, LA, with a DB-224E at 325 feet and all new 7/8 heliax. We thank Louisiana Radio Communications for the access to the site and for performing the first class installation. Our repeater is a new Kenwood TKR-750 with an ARCOM RC-210 Controller and Sinclair cavity type duplexer. Though we experienced some RFI at the site, we were able to overcome the intermod with a simple MFJ triplexer used as an inexpensive notch filter. This repeater is our workhorse, handling the majority of 2 meter traffic in the area, as well as serving as the primary Louisiana Region 3 repeater. We also want to thank all the hard working members who worked together to make this repeater a reality!

Bent DB-224E at Theriot, LA before installing replacement in Spring 2015

In the spring of 2015, we installed a new Yaesu DR-1X System Fusion repeater and a new DB-224E antenna at 550 feet at Theriot, LA. The 7/8 heliax checked out good and is still in service. By August 2015 we were offered the opportunity to move into the new building next door providing many new benefits. Withing weeks of making the move into the new Cat 5 building, we installed a new Henry 100 watt amplifier to extend reliable coverage into south Lafourche and Grand Isle, LA. Concurrently we rectified an intermod problem there too by using a similar MFJ device which has so far resolved the interference issue. Here too we thank all the hard working members who helped make this repeater a reality.

The Theriot repeater has Echolink (703462) and IRLP (8402) capabilities and is used by Louisiana ARES Region 3 as a tactical repeater for south Terrebonne and Lafourche parishes.

As of the publication of this post, both repeater systems are fully functioning as designed without debilitating interference.

The following is a picture of a piece of equipment located at both sites:

PowerGate system to facilitate power distribution between batteries & repeater at both Gray and Theriot

The following is a picture from Gray, LA:

Kenwood TKR-750 repeater at Gray, Louisiana is set to run at 25 watts.

The following are some pictures from Theriot, LA:

Henry Amp, Yaesu Fusion repeater, and Astron power supply at Theriot, LA

Cabinet view of 100 watt Henry amplifier at Theriot, LA

Battery Bank at Theriot, Louisiana

Grounding Buss at Theriot, Louisiana

We always strive to improve our equipment and our club. We look forward to serving our communities as well as having fun with the wonderful hobby of Amateur Radio.

Thank you for visiting our blog.

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