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Theriot Site (147.300) in Full Operation

Tower Techs Unlimited, LLC, assembles our new DB-224E antenna at the 147.300 site in Theriot, LA

Our 147.300+ repeater is now in full operation.

FIRST, we replaced the 40 year old vintage Motorola FM repeater with a new state of the art Yaesu DR-1X Fusion Digital/Analog Repeater as part of the Yaesu Fusion promotion program. The audio is excellent, and it improved the performance of this site even before we had the chance to replace the bent antenna.

This new repeater receives both digital and analog signals, but we currently have the output set to analog FM only. That way, anyone with a regular analog 2 meter radio can understand any conversation. We hope to change this to Auto In and Auto Out, so that whatever type of signal that goes in also comes out in the same mode, but we are waiting for more of our local users to own digital rigs.

We currently have the repeater output power set to the maximum 50 watts, but plans are to lower that to 25 watts when a serious tropical event approaches.

Within a month after installing the new Yaesu repeater, we contracted Tower Techs Unlimited, LLC, of Raceland, LA, for the 550 ft climb to replace the old, bent DB-224E with our newly purchased unit.

This operation was a complete success!! With our new antenna out on a 7 ft candelabra on the northwest side of the Theriot tower, we are accessing mobile stations in areas that we have been unable to reach in years, even locations north of Lake Pontchartrain!!

Yesterday we installed a new battery bank of 6 each 82 amp-hour batteries and a 20 amp, 3 stage charger/maintainer to provide emergency power to this location after a storm event and/or power failure.

Our plan is to also install a solar panel system to provide back-up charging capability for our battery bank.

Remember, this repeater is connected to Echolink and IRLP. This repeater was used to relay vital live weather data to the National Hurricane Center in Miami during the worst of Hurricane Gustav. In the aftermath of that storm, this repeater was instrumental to organizations like Salvation Army, Red Cross, and others by providing communication capabilities to mobile units in lower Terrebonne and Lafourche.

Our thanks go out to everyone who donated and supported us in any and every way! You are not just serving our club, but you are supporting our local communities as well.

God Bless.


George, WB5PKK
Vice President

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