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And We’re Off!


18 November 2013

Welcome to W5YL de …, the Thibodaux Amateur Radio Club’s official Blog.  My name is Richard Barrett, my Amateur Radio call sign is N5OEQ,  and I’m the President of the Thibodaux Amateur Radio Club.  We are a public service organization utilizing our Amateur Radio skills and resources to aid and assist our communities with public service and in times of need or disaster.  Our business meetings are at 7:30 PM on the first Monday of every month at the Terrebonne Parish Public Library North Branch in Gray La, across from H.L.Bourgeois High School.  These meetings are open to the public and anyone interested in Amateur Radio or Shortwave listening are invited and encouraged to attend.  We have a W5YL social meeting the third Monday of every month.  The location of this ‘eatin meeting’ varies from month to month, so check the W5YL web site for the location of the next meeting.

Our net ‘meetings’ are at 7:30 PM on the second, fourth (and fifth if needed), Mondays each month on the 147.390/.990 W5YL repeater. 

This blog is open to all members of the Thibodaux Amateur Radio Club.  Any member may submit materials for publication.  The material should be of historical, topical, or technical interest to the Amateur Radio/Short Wave Listening community and will be screened for technical and/or historical accuracy before publication.  Members are encouraged to blog about Amateur Radio activities, field trips, and by all means, include pictures.  YLs XYLs and Harmonics are encouraged to participate as well.  Sometimes, they offer a different and unique perspective on our hobby. 

If you’re engaged in a project, doing some work in the shack, or just want to show it off, please feel free.   If you find an interesting article you’d like to link to, send a link.  After it has been checked and verified safe, the link will be posted here.  If you work a rare piece of DX and want to show off the QSL card, then by all means do it. 

I will be inviting individual members to write specific articles pertaining to their individual areas of expertise.  If anyone has suggestions for articles, this is your chance to shine.  

This blog will be linked to the Thibodaux Amateur Radio Club website, www.w5yl.org.

Submissions:  Material submitted for publication should be sent to n5oeq1@gmail.com.  Written materials should be in MS Word,  Open Office or Adobe Acrobat PDF formats.  Pictures must be in either .jpg or ,png formats and may be edited or cropped for space reasons.  Any materials accepted for publication become the property of the Thibodaux Amateur Radio Club.

Comments: Comments to Blog materials must be kept on topic, in good taste and common standards of decency.  Any comments judged to be out of line will be removed.  If the offensive comments continue, the publisher reserves the rite to ban the offender.  Keep it civil.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you, the W5YL Blog!

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